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Earring Colors and Styles for Fall 2016

Fall brings about an end to summer, a chill in the air, the task of unearthing wardrobes that cover more skin, and giddiness about the thought of wearing boots and drinking apple cider. 

It also brings about an excuse to wear fall themed earrings, (because, but of course, that's on the top of everyone's list of favorite things about fall!). Okay, maybe not, but it is fun to seasonally switch up our accessories, including our earrings!

Fall Colors

While in summer we like to wear bright colors, Fall brings an opportunity to switch to tone it down a bit. Here are some examples of colors that look great in fall, but definitely not limited to these! 

Colors that go well:

Green, orange, & yellow

fall clip on earrings

Cranberry, emerald, mustard yellow

Classy 90's fashion vintage earrings

Silver & gold are great for every season

gold and silver 90s earrings 


flaming silver statement earrings

Throw in some pink too!

Pink and green floral drop earrings

(For more on popular colors this season, check out this article:  )


Statement Earrings

Are statement earrings ever not popular? In my opinion, no, but they seem to be all the buzz lately. While I wouldn't recommend the single earring, or mismatched runway look (but honey, you do you), I won't say no to an oversized earring to add a little drama to the mix. The cool thing about statement earrings is that you can go understated statement, or over the top crazy big statement. If you're not sure how to pull it off, you can always start small and work your way into bigger styles. One idea is too start wearing statement earrings with your hair down while you adjust to the difference. Then when you are ready to show those babies off, throw your hair back! And rock them like you should.

Here are a few different styles from our current inventory that may inspire you.

1. Oversized studs

silver fan statement earrings



oversized button earrings


2. Unique Hoops

green hoop earrings


Starburst Dangle hoop earrings


3. Drop Dangle Earrings

funky fun 60's style earrings 



 There are so many statement earrings you can wear, the important thing to remember is to have fun with it!

So there you go, some Fall inspired colors, and inspiration for statement earrings. Now go enjoy the season!


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