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Paper flowers, finding earrings, and size questions

Hello gorgeous! I wanted to take a minute to give you some tips on how to find your next favorite pair of earrings on this website.  Two thing I want to go over:  How to know what size the earrings are (how they'll look on your ears), and how to quickly find what you want on our website. Paper flowers Since it would be very time consuming to model, photograph, edit, and post pictures of all the many earrings, we have these cute little mascots we feature in most of our product photos. When you compare the earrings, to the size of...

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New Contest!! Enter to Win Free Earrings!

We just posted a new giveaway contest on our Instagram account - visit our page for all the details! You can win $50 in free earrings! Multiple ways to win! Visit our IG page here to enter!

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Earring Colors and Styles for Fall 2016

Fall brings about an end to summer, a chill in the air, the task of unearthing wardrobes that cover more skin, and giddiness about the thought of wearing boots and drinking apple cider.  It also brings about an excuse to wear fall themed earrings, (because, but of course, that's on the top of everyone's list of favorite things about fall!). Okay, maybe not, but it is fun to seasonally switch up our accessories, including our earrings! Fall Colors While in summer we like to wear bright colors, Fall brings an opportunity to switch to tone it down a bit. Here are some examples...

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